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Your goods arrive safely, making no waves.



After over twelve years in the sales department of major transportation and logistics companies, I noticed a change in the approach to our profession.

In an era of automation, I wanted to bring humanity back to the core of our service activity.

It is the reason I founded the company Expedions with the aim of offering an alternative, independent and human-scale solution.

Resolutely forward-looking, with the ecological challenges we must face, we are committed to promote environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

We offer a comprehensive package which meets our clients' expectations, with dedicated and empowered women and men who drive our company. These team members are on call 5 days a week throughout the year to meet our client needs.

We also offer an easy way to contact us: one phone number and a common mailbox to ensure the swift handling of all requests.

We look forward to your inquiries and most various challenges.

Jocelyn Mounier



Your deadlines are ours

Sometimes, business cannot wait. Our express service guarantees the fulfillment of your commitments regarding pick-up and delivery anywhere in the world. We are dedicated to delivering your goods as quickly as possible, with all necessary safety guarantees.

Our professional team supports you in these challenges.

The Swiss Army Knife of Your Transportation

Our company offers a real alternative in the transportation market; we manage everything from A to Z.

Our global offer:

air & sea, combined road/rail, from bulk caro to full truckloads. It includes transportation, logistics, and customs formalities.

Sustainability at the heart of our commitments.

We are aware of our unique position in the transportation sector and can make significant changes in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Combined rail-road transport, among other things, can contribute to increase the modal share of rail freight by benefiting from the flexibility of road transport over short distances and the energy efficiency and low carbon footprint of rail transport.

Close relationships with our clients

We are committed to maintain personalized relationships with our clients and take pride in proactive communication with them.


Delays due to weather conditions, complex customs formalities, nuances related to cultural barriers and international relations are just a few of the concerns we sometimes need to allay.

Our team of specialists knows the specificities of each country and all types of transportation.

Switzerland, Europe, and the world close at hand

A daily relationship is maintained between Switzerland, France, and Europe.

Beyond these borders, we have been setting up a strong network of reliable client and partners around the world.

Our team members communicate in multiple languages and can handle all the steps for international freight transportation.


Committed, they are fully aware of our client’s need.

When our team members talk about their profession...

"Like a wedding planner, Expedions embodies the very essence of tailor-made service for your goods transportation."

Laurie Cheneval

International Transport Organizer

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